Douglas J. Camin, Chief Information Officer
Douglas J.  Camin
Chief Information Officer

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Drew E. Griffin
Deputy Director

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William Ostrander
GIS Manager

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56 Main Street - Room 211
Owego, NY 13827

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The Information Technology and Communication Services (ITCS) department manages all data, telecommunications, and web services for the County, providing technical support to all County departments. ITCS staff also offers technical expertise and guidance to help steer the technology priorities affecting residents and businesses within the County - these include fiber optic and data infrastructure, high speed Internet and cellular services, and technical assistance with economic development projects. In addition, the County's Records Management and Geographic Information Services programs are provided by the ITCS department. 

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The Tioga County Geographic Information Systems Division manages the county’s collection of digital geographic information which can be used for making maps.  The maps, in turn, can be used to reveal new geographic information.  The geographic information supports Tioga County’s departments and agencies and supports decision-making by Tioga County’s leaders and citizens.

Management of digital geographic information includes acquiring, creating, maintaining, distributing, and archiving geographic data.  In order to perform these functions, the Division coordinates geographic information systems.  Data plus software, hardware, people, and procedures constitute a geographic information system (GIS).

The GIS Manager and any technicians or interns working in the Division use special GIS software and develop procedures to manage the geographic data. The GIS Manager trains other employees of the county to use GIS software.  The Division distributes data to the general public through online mapping sites and provides support to anyone using this system.  The GIS Division also distributes data to other government entities and to the public for use in their own geographic information systems.

The GIS Division maintains a online mapping portal, which can be found in the boxes at left.

Records Management supports the County departments’ records management programs by providing inactive records storage, destruction of obsolete records, and serving as a records management technical resource as required.

Tioga County follows the New York State CO-2 Schedule for document retention and disposition. 

For public access to records, see the Freedom of Information Law resource center for complete information.

The County's purchasing program works to minimize the cost of goods procurement across all County departments. The department operates under the NYS General Municipal Law and Local County law that governs all purchasing procedures including competitive bidding, bid advertising, contract awards, administration and requests for quotations.