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Healthy Neighborhoods Program

How Safe Is Your Home?

The Healthy Neighborhoods Program (HNP) provides a free in home assessment focusing on home safety.  An HNP team member can discuss areas where safety can be improved and may also supply FREE items to assist you with making your home safer!

 Tioga County Residents can call 687-8390 to schedule a FREE home safety check!

Public Health Hotline

- or - 

The Public Health Department is responsible for health promotion, disease prevention and community needs assessment.

The Public Health Department supports the citizens of the County through Environmental Health, Dental Health, Disease Control, Nursing Services, Emergency Preparedness and Health Education programs.


  News & Announcements

August is National Immunization Awareness Month


Tioga County Child Passenger Safety Program

Tioga County Public Health oversees the Child Passenger Safety Program for Tioga County. This program includes free car seat checks by a Certified Car Seat Technician. Free car seats are available at any of our 3 fitting stations to families meeting eligibility requirements. The car seat program includes an educational component to ensure that families receiving seats are able to reinstall seats on their own, and are able to keep their child safe in the car as they grow.

To be eligible for a free car seat, families must be on one of the following forms of public assistance:

  • Medicaid
  • SNAP (Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program – Food Stamps)
  • WIC (Woman, Infants, and Children)
  • SSI (Supplemental Security Income)
  • HEAP (Home Energy Assistance Program)
  • TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families)    

If you are fostering a child or have been given custody of a child suddenly and are in need of a car seat, please call Tioga County Public Health at 607-687-8612 to see if you are eligible for a free car seat.

Car Seat Check Events

Car Seat Check Events are held across the county at least 3 times a year. 

To find upcoming events in Tioga County and across New York State please visit or like us on Facebook to find upcoming events!

Certified Technicians 

All Certified Car Seat Technicians must complete a 4-day training to receive their certification, and must get re-certified every 2 years. We make sure that every child leaves our fitting stations safer than they came in! 

Fitting Stations

Appointments are available at any of the following locations: 

Tioga County Public Health

Phone: (607) 687-8612

1062 State Route 38

Owego, NY 13827 

Owego Police Department

Phone: (607) 687-2234

90 Temple St.

Owego, NY 13827

Waverly Police Department

Phone: (607) 565-2836

32 Ithaca St.

Waverly, NY 14892

This program is funded by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration with a grant from the New York State Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee.

Car Seat Safety Tips
PDF, 385 KB

Early Intervention Program

This program is for children from birth to age three who have developmental delays and disabilities. Its purpose is to provide the services needed to improve child and family development. Early intervention can be provided anywhere in the community, in the home, or at daycare providers location. The program is offered free for all Tioga County families.

Services include but are not limited to:

  • Full Developmental Evaluations
  • Nursing Services and Respite Care 
  • Physical, Occupational, Speech Therapy, Special Instruction, and other services
  • Vision Services
  • Audiological Evaluations
  • Medical/Diagnostic Evaluations
  • Service Coordination and many other support services 

NYS Early Intervention Program

Developmental Milestones

Child Find

Child Find is for children birth through age three. The purpose of Child Find is to screen children who are suspected or at risk for a developmental delay or disability. The parent/guardian is sent a developmental questionnaire starting at six months through 36 months to monitor the child's growth and development by completing the questionnaires and returning them to the Child Find Coordinator.

If a potentially qualifying disability or delay is identified, your child will be referred to our Early Intervention Program for evaluation. 

Children With Special Health Care Needs

The Children with Special Health Care Needs (CSHCN) program is an informational referral and advocacy program for children birth to 21 years who have, or are suspected of having, a serious or chronic physical, developmental, behavioral, and/or emotional condition, and require health or related services of a type or amount beyond that typically required of children. This program can help families:

  • Make referrals for special health care or related services
  • Obtain information on programs and services available in the community
  • Increase knowledge regarding available resources
  • Navigate through Preschool Special Education process (for children ages 3-5)
  • Obtain family support services

NYS Children with Special Health Care Needs

To make a referral to any of these programs, please call (607) 687-8600

Tioga Mobile Dental Services

The Tioga Mobile Dental Van travels throughout Tioga County providing dental care. Sites include Tioga County schools where children have easy access to receiving care during the school day. Adults can also receive care before or after-school and on school vacations. Services include dental cleanings, sealants, fluoride treatments, fillings and extractions. Must be a Tioga County resident. All dental insurances are accepted, plus a Sliding Fee Scale is available.

Fluoride Varnish Program

Fluoride varnish is an easy and effective way to prevent dental cavities, it has been shown to reduce cavities by up to 40%! This fruit-flavored, sticky varnish is easily applied with a small brush. It can be applied up to 4 times a year for children at risk for cavities, especially those without fluoridated water. Fluoride varnish applications are available to Tioga County elementary students, Head Start students and children in the WIC program.

For more information, please call (607) 687-8595.

The Environmental Health Division of Tioga County Public Health Department regulates and enforces public health and environmental matters in accordance with the Tioga County Sanitary Code and New York State laws. The programs address the concerns of housing, food and recreation, water supply, solid waste disposal, among other indoor and outdoor health matters.  All application and permit forms are located in the document library below.

NYS TOBACCO CONTROL POLICIES: Clean Indoor Air Act (CIAA) prohibits smoking of tobacco (herbal cigarettes are exempted) in nearly all public and work places. NYS DOH CIAA revised 2015

  • To report violations of CIAA call Tioga County Public Health Department at 607-687-8600

ADOLESCENT TOBACCO USE PREVENTION ACT (ATUPA): Compliance checks are completed for every tobacco retailer in Tioga County at least twice a year underage youth is done at each facility where tobacco products are available for sale, to verify that such products are not being sold to minors.

  • Compliance checks are part of a comprehensive state wide enforcement program designed to reduce the prevalence of tobacco use, and to attempt to prevent tobacco access to youth less than 18 years of age.
  • For more information link to the NYS Tobacco Policy Center

FOOD SERVICE ESTABLISHMENTS: Environmental Health is responsible for ensuring that food service is regulated in order to enforce standards and protect the community from foodborne illnesses.

RECREATIONAL FACILITIES: Environmental Health regulates operation and maintenance of public recreation areas by conducting inspections, issuing permits, and investigating reports of injuries or illness.

WATER SYSTEMS: The Tioga County Public Health Department routinely tests all community (cities, villages, mobile home parks, beaches, lakes, and pools) and non-community (restaurants, hotels) water supplies to ensure that Total Coliform and E.coli levels are absent.  Testing of private water systems (homes and businesses) are primarily done when the homes are being sold or when a private homeowner requests a bacteria test be performed.

* Public Water Supply Operators: Mandatory forms and regulations may be downloaded by clicking on the links and through the documents below:


The Public Health Department is charged with ensuring the safety of food served at establishments throughout the County. The Food Safety Course is provided to help educate food service workers on best practices of food handling and preparation. The application document and full power point course are available below, and may be shared, reproduced, or utilized as needed.  When the application and fee are received a code will be sent to register for the course exam.


Food Safety Course
PDF, 629 KB

The Health Education program includes many activities and programs which focus on improving the health and well-being in Tioga County.  Health promotion efforts, education, training, and other resources are developed to meet the needs of our community.

  • Chronic Disease Prevention
  • Injury Prevention
  • Lead Poisoning Prevention 
  • Obesity Prevention
  • Tobacco Control Policy & Prevention
  • Child Passenger Safety
  • Children's Health & Safety
  • Immunizations
  • Special Health Care Needs
  • Community Health Assessment (CHA)
  • Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP)

This program provides FREE in-home assessments to evaluate home safety. A Healthy Neighborhoods team member will discuss ways to improve safety in the home and may provide FREE supplies. 

Areas of Assessment

Fire Safety

Indoor Air Quality


Fall Prevention

Other Environmental Hazards 

Healthy Neighborhood Program Goals

Increase Radon Testing

Prevent Indoor Air Pollution/Reduce Asthma Triggers 

Prevent Lead Poisoning

Prevent Home Fire Hazards

Decrease Environmental Health Hazards in the Home

What to Expect

A Healthy Neighborhoods team member will evaluate multiple areas of the home to check for health and safety hazards. They will discuss and promote areas of improvement and supply materials to the individual and/or family. 

Products may include

First Aid Kits

Smoke Detectors

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Radon Testing Kits

Cleaning Supplies


Pest Management

Child Proofing Supplies

Please Call 607-687-8390 to Schedule a Home Visit Today!

HNP Brochure
PDF, 23730 KB

HNP Poster
PDF, 3425 KB

The nursing staff is actively involved in the community and with other agencies to promote the wellness of the community, prevent disease, and protect the public. They work closely with the schools and medical providers to encourage adequate immunization rates and screening for lead. 

The nursing department contacts all newborn families and provides health guidance and promotion including information on breastfeeding, growth and development, immunization, and safety issues. 

The nursing staff assists in county-wide or state-wide emergencies such as dispensing medications or administering immunizations in the event of a widespread disease outbreak. They oversee an active Medical Reserve Corps and assist in setting up and working at special needs shelters in the event of a natural disaster such as flooding.

Licensed Home Care Services Agency (LHCSA)-Provides skilled nursing and health promotion visits for the Primary and Prevent Programs. The nursing activities and services include:

  • Nursing assessment including screening activities
  • Development, review and revision of care plans
  • Preventive health education and promotion
  • Linkage to referral for non-medical and medical services
  • Communication and collaboration with referral sources, primary care providers, and other professionals involved in the plan of care.


Tioga County’s Lead Poisoning Prevention Program is responsible for identifying children newborn to eighteen years of age with elevated blood lead levels and tracking follow-up services to make sure that they are appropriate and timely. Tioga County’s LPPP staff provides case management to all children in the county with blood lead levels of 5 mcg/dL or greater 

For more information on lead poisoning prevention:

  • U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission for product recalls due to lead. Put in search: recalls for high lead.

Respiratory Clinic:

Tioga County Public Health Department provides tuberculosis control services through Respiratory Clinic. Tioga County Public Health Department offers services that include: diagnosis; x-ray and related laboratory tests; provision for tuberculosis treatment and preventative therapy; medication compliance surveillance for treatment of latent tuberculosis infection and directly observed therapy for treatment of tuberculosis disease; contact/source investigations; health guidance education and coordination of services. Home visits are made as necessary for directly observed therapy, medication surveillance, health guidance education, and coordination of services.

Health Promotion Visits:

An example would be a referral for chronic lice. A home visit would be made to assess the family members for lice and instruct in ways to effectively treat and prevent further problems.


The goal of Tioga County Public Health Department’s Immunization Program is to increase the immunization rates in children and adults as well as protecting the community from vaccine-preventable diseases by making sure that children and adults receive the vaccines that they need.  Tioga County Public Health Department works closely with the primary care providers, local hospitals (including Robert Packer Hospital in Sayre, Pennsylvania), school nurses, day care providers, pharmacists and other local agencies to encourage increasing immunization rates throughout Tioga County. By auditing the providers’ immunization records of the 2 and 13 year olds in their practice it shows how many of the children are up-to-date with their immunizations. TCPHD works with them to help increase their rates. TCPHD reviews the providers’ storage and handling of their vaccines to ensure proper storage and handling which is vital to vaccine effectiveness. Adult immunizations are also encouraged as is using the New York State Immunization Registry (NYSIIS).

Immunization Clinic:

Immunizations are provided for uninsured children less than 19 years of age through New York State’s Vaccine For Children (VFC) program. The MMR immunization may be available to those adults who qualify. Through partnership with New York State Department of Health and Tioga Opportunities Family Planning, Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B immunizations are available to uninsured adults who have been screened and found to be at high risk for Hepatitis infection. Tioga County Public Health Department provides Hepatitis B immunization series to its employees and others who are at risk of blood borne pathogen exposure including various local governmental units, other non-profit agencies, and private industry depending on their need.

Additional immunization resources:

Tioga County Health Department is committed to preparing the community to plan for, respond to, and recover from emergencies and disasters. Our team consists of employees, volunteers, and many community partners. The Health Department maintains plans for: 

  • Responding to a disease outbreak
  • Isolation and quarantine
  • Continuity of operations
  • Conducting mass distribution of vaccines or medications
  • Responding to a natural disaster 

The following links may be helpful in preparing for an emergency situation: 

To sign up and receive emergency alerts follow this link: 

Emergency preparedness contact: Emily Warfle  607-687-8607  

Medical Reserve Corps 

Tioga County’s Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) is sponsored by our public health department and consists of volunteers, medical professionals, and paraprofessionals. Tioga County MRC trains with emergency responders and public health staff and are critical in efforts to respond to events or disasters. 

Mission Statement: The mission of the Tioga County Health Department Medical Reserve Corps is to promote health, preserve life, and prevent disability during times of disaster and/or community need.  Tioga County MRC strives to have a well-rounded group of both medical and non-medical volunteers with a basic understanding of emergency response and with a desire to help others in need. 

For more information on Tioga County MRC or to become a volunteer please contact:

Emily Warfle   607-687-8607

The Environmental Health Division is responsible for rabies control in Tioga County. They investigate exposures and offer preventative vaccinations to pets through rabies vaccination clinics scheduled throughout the year.

Tioga County Public Health is dedicated to preventing substance use and fighting substance abuse disorders in Tioga County.

Tioga County Public Health currently has initiatives in place to help in the fight against the heroin and opioid epidemic. Members of the community who are interested in becoming a Non-Medical Opioid Overdose First Responder can get a free Naloxone kit at the Health Department. A brief training will be given to help individuals learn about opioid addiction, heroin use, signs of an opioid overdose, and how to properly reverse an opioid overdose with Naloxone. This program is free and available for anyone living in Tioga County.  

Tioga County Public Health is an active member of the Tioga County Allies in Substance Abuse Prevention and serves on the Tobacco Free Broome Tioga Coalition.  Educational material is available on tobacco use, alcohol abuse, and other substance abuse disorders at the Health Department.

Substance Abuse Treatment and Services: For services related to a Substance Abuse Disorder, please view the attached resource guide to see available services in Tioga County and surrounding counties.

For immediate assistance with substance abuse issues, please contact Tioga County Mental Hygiene at 607-687-0200 or after hours at 607-687-1010. If you think someone might be having a drug overdose, call 911 immediately.

For more information on the Free Naloxone program, to request educational material, or for other substance abuse related questions, please contact Kylie Gates at (607) 687-8612 or

The Bureau of Weights and Measures provides certification and inspection services to ensure that all equipment, such as scales and pumps, provides correct and accurate readings for commercial transactions. 

Committee meeting minutes & agendas